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Are differences over child custody or spousal support delaying your otherwise uncontested divorce? The ability to maintain a close relationship with a child or children is typically the potential point of contention in any divorce.

For skilled legal assistance with child support calculations, custody arrangements, visitation schedules and any other aspect of child access or support matters, the Goldberg Law Group can help.

Mike Goldberg heads up our divorce practice that leads individuals, couples and families to practical, lasting solutions. Firmwide, we are dedicated to smoothly transitioning you to a post-divorce routine with your child — and a brighter future.

At the Goldberg Law Group, we can explain income-based state calculations of payments for payers or payees, the factors that courts examine when determining appropriate levels of spousal maintenance and things to consider when scheduling a noncustodial parent's availability for visitation.

Are you a grandparent seeking a larger role in a grandchild's upbringing? Grandparent visitation rights is an issue close to our heart. We want to hear from you if you feel that a grandson or granddaughter's father or mother has abdicated his or her parental rights and responsibilities.

Please have a look at the ways we have helped a number of past clients — then contact us to arrange an initial consultation. We welcome the opportunity to serve you in any way we can.

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Do you feel that your voice is being left out of child custody discussions for your divorce? Are you being compelled to pay too much for child or spousal support, or receiving too little?

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