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When it comes to visitation rights, there are an abundance of laws that protect mothers and fathers. But what if you are a grandmother or grandfather seeking custody of - or increased visitation rights for - a grandchild in Illinois? That's when you turn to the powerful team at Goldberg Law Group. While Michael K. Goldberg and his skilled staff of attorneys are involved in all aspects of family law such as divorce, custody, visitation, and post-decree matters, we take a special interest in grandparents' legal rights. By utilizing over 40 years of family law experience, we will protect your rights as grandparents and provide you with the representation you need to achieve the best results.

What are grandparents' visitation rights?

In its simplest form, grandparent visitation is time spent with a grandchild without the presence of a parent. In 2005, Illinois passed the Illinois Grandparent Visitation Act, which provides grandparents with visitation rights to their grandchildren so long as it is in the best interests of the grandchildren. To petition for visitation rights in Illinois, grandparents must show that they have been unreasonably denied visitation by a parent of the grandchild and that one of the following statements applies:

  • A parent is incompetent
  • A parent is dead or missing for three months
  • A parent is incarcerated for at least three months before seeking visitation rights
  • The child's parents are divorced, legally separated, or there is a pending dissolution or custody proceeding and at least one parent has no objection
  • The child is born out of wedlock and the parents are not living together

Unless proven otherwise, Illinois law assumes that the parent's decision regarding grandparents' visitation is in the best interest of the child. So, if you want a chance at successfully filing a petition for visitation with your grandchildren, you need a dedicated legal team like Goldberg Law Group to ensure that your grandparents' legal rights are upheld.

Michael K. Goldberg - author of the Illinois Grandparent Visitation Act

In 2002, Mr. Goldberg successfully represented the defendant in an important grandparent visitation case in the Illinois Supreme Court, which then inspired him to write the new Illinois Grandparent Visitation Act. The case in question - Wickham v. Byrne - invalidated the former grandparent visitation statute, so Mr. Goldberg worked with Illinois State Representative Patricia Lindner and Illinois Senator John Cullerton to draft the current Illinois Grandparent Visitation Act, which took effect in 2005. Mr. Goldberg also wrote the 2007 amendments.

Extensive experience defending grandparents' visitation rights

Michael K. Goldberg was instrumental in getting the Grandparent Visitation Act passed and has been a vigorous defender of grandparent's visitation rights ever since. He has testified before the Illinois Senate and Illinois House of Representatives, argued grandparent visitation cases in all five Illinois Appellate Court Districts and the Illinois Supreme Court, and has written and spoken extensively on the subject of grandparents' rights. But most importantly, he has helped hundreds of Illinois grandparents get grandchild visitation rights in over 45 counties throughout the state.

Grandparents raising grandchildren need vigorous legal representation, so if you have questions about grandparent visitation in Illinois, contact us at 312-930-5600 for a free consultation today!