Experienced Chicago Attorneys For Divorce Modifications And Post-Decree Issues

Many couples who think of their divorce as "final" quickly find out that it is not.

Loss of a job, expensive medical treatment for a personal injury or the need to relocate outside Illinois can trigger the request for a modification of custody or support arrangements in a settlement agreement.

When you need post-decree representation for a modification of custody or support, one law firm in Greater Chicago is solidly dedicated to addressing your issues — the Goldberg Law Group.

Mike Goldberg leads a divorce and post-divorce practice that has provided vigorous representation for a diverse clientele in Illinois for more than 40 years.

If your goal is to contest a petition for modification, or request an enforcement of divorce obligations that have gone unfulfilled, the Goldberg Law Group is honored to help.

Perhaps the specialized medical care you are seeking is available only in another state. It could be that you are out of a job and seeking employment in other states. A business transfer or military transfer could cause you to pursue a "move-away" for you and your child. For the sudden twists and turns that life can hand you, and to those who depend on you, you should contact the Goldberg Law Group. We have the legal knowledge, wise guidance, personal service and track record of success that proves we can be of service.

Skilled Illinois Family Lawyers Leading You To Solutions For Post-Judgment Issues

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