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If you are an established self-employed businessperson with legal difficulties related to professional regulations in Illinois, and these concerns threaten your license and livelihood, our Chicago attorneys work hard to put your life back on track.

The Goldberg Law Group provides attentive, effective representation for clients with professional practices when applications and disciplinary issues arise — and has for more than 40 years.

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Applications for a professional license in the state of Illinois must be completed accurately and in detail in order to avoid a delay in processing the application, a deficiency letter or a Notice of Intent to Deny Licensure.

Generally, the six methods used in issuing licenses for professionals in the state of Illinois are licensure by examination, licensure by endorsement, restoration, acceptance of examination, grandfather/waiver and nonexamination.

The specific method needed for a solution may vary depending on the profession. Each requires specific information and specific forms. In all of these cases, all requested information must be provided, including appropriate answers to all personal history questions. Deficiency letters must be responded to directly and within an appropriate time frame.

A simple error on an application can become an issue that involves anything from responding to a deficiency letter to being required to appear before one of the professional boards, or responding to a Notice of Intent to Deny Licensure. Our law firm is devoted to thoroughly addressing these discrepancies correctly the first time.

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