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As a self-employed businessperson or healthcare professional, you are always held to the highest of expectations. You work hard every day to make a difference in your chosen industry, but then a situation arises that not only threatens your professional license, but your livelihood as well. At Goldberg Law Group, we understand the challenges that come with professional licensing in Illinois because we have been representing clients with legal difficulties related to professional regulations for over 40 years. Many of our clients are physicians, health care providers, and other professionals who appear before the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation (IFDPR) and the Illinois Department of Healthcare and Family Services. No matter how serious the allegations, you can depend on our Chicago attorneys to help you put your life back on track.

Covering a wide range of professional licensing issues

Whether you just need some information regarding application forms for your IDFPR license or you are facing potential disciplinary action, the talented and skilled team of attorneys at Goldberg Law Group is happy to provide attentive, effective representation.

Professional licensing applications

To apply for an IDFPR license, applications must be completed accurately and in detail to avoid processing delays, a deficiency letter, or a Notice of Intent to Deny Licensure.

Generally, there are six methods used in issuing licenses for professionals in the state of Illinois:

  • Licensure by examination
  • Licensure by endorsement
  • Restoration
  • Acceptance of examination
  • Grandfather/waiver
  • Nonexamination

The specific method needed for a solution may vary depending on the profession; however, each method requires specific information and specific forms. In all of these cases, all requested information must be provided, including appropriate answers to all personal history questions. A simple error on an application can become an issue that may involve responding to a deficiency letter, appearing before one of the professional boards, or responding to a Notice of Intent to Deny Licensure. The experienced attorneys at Goldberg Law Group will walk you through the application process and thoroughly address any discrepancies before they turn into major issues.

Disciplinary actions

Being contacted by the IDFPR regarding a disciplinary matter is stressful enough without having to worry about finding the right lawyer to represent your case. Fortunately, the exceptional legal team at Goldberg Law Group has more experience with the IDFPR than most laws firm in Illinois. During your initial consultation, we will go over every facet of your case, including:

  • How you were contacted
  • Which party or organization filed the complaint
  • Your disciplinary conference
  • The disciplinary process itself
  • Any formal hearings you will face

Over the past four decades, we have successfully represented cases involving the IDFPR, the Illinois Department of Healthcare and Family Services, Medicare or Medicaid audits, and insurance company audits from providers like Blue Cross/Blue Shield.

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