Representing Medical Professionals Across Illinois

For 40 years, Goldberg Law Group has represented doctors, nurses, and other health care professionals throughout Illinois at the Illinois Division of Professional Regulation and the Illinois Department of Healthcare and Family Services (formerly the Illinois Department of Public Aid). We represent physicians in medical staff disciplinary matters, Illinois Board of Medicine issues, and other licensing issues that require attorney intervention. In addition to representing doctors, we also assist nurses with Illinois State Board of Nursing and Illinois nursing license issues. And we can assist with matters related to chiropractic licenses (Illinois).

Goldberg Law Group employs former prosecutors from the Illinois Division of Professional Regulation and the Illinois Department of Healthcare and Family Services who know how to guide their clients through the system. Goldberg Law Group has filed an appellate brief on behalf of the Illinois State Medical Society, and has an extensive health care appellate practice. In addition, our attorneys helped draft the Model Illinois Medical Staff Bylaws; they write and lecture every year on health care and the law.

Goldberg Law Group is committed to protecting the licenses and livelihoods of its clients and has a reputation for fighting vigorously to enforce the due process rights of its clients in Illinois licensing board issues, such as matters involving the Illinois Nursing Board. A summary of our services is provided below.

Illinois Department of Healthcare and Family Services (IDHFS):

We represent physicians in all matters before IDHFS or other Illinois licensing boards, including preparing physicians for peer review appearances before the IDHFS Medical Quality Review Committee. We also defend physicians in administrative hearings at IDHFS or the Illinois Board of Medicine. This includes cases where IDHFS seeks to terminate or suspend the physician’s participation in the Medical Assistance Program, whether based upon audit or peer review. We also represent pharmacists, laboratories, and nursing homes in IDHFS compliance audits and physicians, laboratories, dentists, and pharmacists who are the subject of criminal investigations for alleged Medicaid fraud.

Illinois Division of Professional Regulation (IDPR):

Our services include matters involving the Illinois State Board of Nursing or nursing licenses and Illinois Board of Medicine or other licensing issues requiring attorney intervention. The Illinois Division of Professional Regulation (IDPR) administers state laws that govern the licensure and discipline of professional and occupational groups, including medical doctors, osteopathic physicians, chiropractors, dentists, optometrists, podiatrists, pharmacists, nurses, and physical therapists. Our practice concentrates on representing these licensees in pre-licensing and disciplinary matters, including nursing license matters related to the Illinois Board of Nursing. We are frequently called upon to represent nurses or other health care licensees seeking licensure from the Illinois State Board of Nursing or another IDPR division. Most often we represent individuals who are under investigation by IDPR, including the Illinois Nursing Board division, and we have considerable experience in negotiating consent settlement orders. In instances where settlement is not possible, we provide vigorous representation at all levels of the contested hearing process where IDPR, including the Illinois Board of Nursing, is seeking to suspend or revoke the professional’s license.

Hospital Privilege Matters:

We frequently represent physicians in due process hearings regarding alleged violations of hospital or medical staff by-laws. From time to time, we are called upon to counsel hospital investigative committees on due process investigations and hearings concerning physicians.

Professional Organizations, Societies, HMO’S and PPO’S:

In this area, we represent physicians whose membership in professional organizations and societies is challenged for an alleged violation of organization by-laws. We also represent physicians whose participation in HMOs and PPOs is challenged.

Illinois Department of Public Health:

We represent nursing homes and medical laboratories in all licensing and Medicaid certification disputes, as well as any complaint investigations initiated by the agency. Additionally, we represent asbestos removal contractors seeking admission to Public Health’s approved list of contractors for public sector work.

Health Facilities Planning Board:

We represent nursing homes before this entity concerning informal appearances before the Board and in contested hearings on Notices of Intent to Deny Applications for issuance of Certificates of Need.

Medical/Legal Consultations:

We are often called upon to resolve disputes amongst and between physicians and we counsel physicians on a wide range of topics, including negotiating and drafting employment agreements, advising with regard to permissible advertising, and assistance in complying with HIPAA.

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