Illinois Professional Licensure

Applications for a professional license in the State of Illinois must be completed accurately and in detail in order to avoid a delay in processing the application, a deficiency letter or a Notice of Intent to Deny Licensure.

Generally, there are six methods used in issuing licenses for professionals in the State of Illinois. These are:

  • Licensure by examination
  • Licensure by endorsement
  • Restoration
  • Acceptance of examination
  • Grandfather/waiver
  • Non-examination

The method may vary depending on the profession. Each of these methods requires specific information and specific forms. In all of these cases it is imperative that all requested information be provided. It is essential that all personal history questions be answered appropriately and in detail. It is also important that deficiency letters be responded to directly and within an appropriate time frame.

A simple error on an application can become an issue that involves anything from responding to a deficiency letter to being required to appear before one of the professional boards or responding to a Notice of Intent to Deny Licensure.

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