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We have over 40 years of experience representing Social Workers & Medical Professionals with IDFPR defense, professional licensing, disciplinary matters, improper record keeping, audits, substance abuse, misconduct accusations & more. 

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We provide strategic legal counsel for

Social Worker 

law issues & IDFPR defense. 

The Goldberg Law Group has over 40 years of experience helping social workers navigate complicated legal issues. We have a successful track record for helping our clients with IDFPR defense, professional licensing, disciplinary matters, improper record keeping, employment agreements, misconduct accusations and substance abuse convictions. 


Our experienced social worker law attorneys work closely with clients to craft customized strategies that are focused on helping our clients achieve their goals through effective legal representation. We understand that an unrestricted professional license is of utmost importance to your reputation and livelihood. No matter how serious the legal challenges you’re facing are, you can rely on our lawyers to bring passion, dedication and relentless attention to detail to every case that we handle.

Our firm works with clients facing all types of healthcare disciplinary matters, IDFPR issues and medical staff issues. We've defended hundreds of licensed medical professionals in Illinois over the past 40 years and we have the experience necessary to navigate the most complex legal issues impacting social workers.

Some of our past work includes helping with the following types of Social Worker cases:

Improper Record Keeping

Unprofessional Conduct

DUI Arrests & Criminal Convictions

Unethical Conduct

Sexual Misconduct

DUI Arrests & Criminal Convictions

Financial Obligation Issues

Physical / Mental Impairment 

Substance Abuse Issues

Violations of State Statutes 

Violations of Federal Statutes 

HIPAA Violations 

IDFPR Investigations 

IDFPR Complaints


Lawyers for Social Workers. 

We work with social workers and medical professionals, not patients. We only represent doctors and medical professionals and our lawyers have a successful track record of achieving favorable outcomes for all types of legal healthcare matters. Whether you need legal representation to resolve IDFPR problems, accusations of unprofessional conduct, guidance with professional licensing requirements and everything in between, the Goldberg Law Group attorneys will provide timely advice, sound counsel, and effective legal representation.


When your professional license is on the line, you need a law firm that has experience with representing social workers and medical professionals. At Goldberg Law Group, we never represent patients, hospitals or insurance companies. Our primary focus is providing effective legal representation for social workers and medical professionals and our lawyers have over 40 years of experience with the Illinois laws that govern social workers including the Clinical Social Work and Social Work Practice Act, the Civil Administrative Code of Illinois, the Illinois Administrative Procedure Act, the Administrative Procedures for General Professional Regulation and the Rules of Practice in Administrative Hearings.


Social workers turn to Goldberg Law Group for timely legal counsel and proactive advocacy when facing all types of legal healthcare challenges. Our lawyers are dedicated to taking the time to fully understand your needs and goals to build effective legal strategies that help social workers and medical professionals resolve conflicts, manage risks and protect their interests.

Talk to us first. 

Thinking about dealing with the IDFPR alone? Think again. Talk to the IDFPR lawyers at the Goldberg Law Group before you surrender your license, agree to an interview, provide any documents or speak to any IDFPR employees.


Received a Notice of Deficiency? Facing a Medicaid / Medicare audit? Dealing with a disciplinary action? Whether you need help resolving IDFPR matters or you just need some guidance on legal issues that often impact doctors and medical professionals, having experienced lawyers on your side can make a real difference in achieving a favorable outcome in a timely manner.


The IDFPR lawyers at Goldberg Law Group have over 40 years of experience with professional licensing and regulatory enforcement and we do not charge for initial consultations. Our experienced lawyers have represented hundreds of social workers and medical professionals in Illinois since 1978 and we combine practical legal strategies with dedicated passion and relentless attention to detail to consistently help clients achieve satisfactory results. Contact us today to discuss your situation and we will explain your options for effective legal representation.

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Goldberg Law Group, led by managing partner, Michael K. Goldberg, provides dynamic, strategic and meticulous representation to Illinois and Arizona clients.

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