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For years, we've been a pillar of support in the Chicago community and beyond, offering unwavering commitment to individuals seeking expert guidance in a variety of legal matters. Our experience speaks volumes, and our proven track record underscores our reliability. When you choose Goldberg, you're choosing a legal advocate who understands the intricacies of Illinois law and genuinely cares about securing the best outcomes for you. Located near you in Chicago, our practice areas cover a wide spectrum of legal domains. Our personalized approach to each case, combined with our comprehensive understanding of Illinois legal nuances, makes us the go-to choice for individuals and businesses seeking trustworthy legal representation. Your case matters, and at Goldberg Law Office, we're here to guide you every step of the way.

Medical Practice Areas

From navigating the intricacies of Medicare & Medicaid Audits to ensuring impeccable Professional Medical Staff Discipline, we offer comprehensive support. Trust our guidance in Medical Staff Credentialing & Peer Review, Healthcare Merger & Acquisition Transactions, and Healthcare Employment matters to navigate the ever-evolving medical landscape. Additionally, our dedicated section for "Lawyers for Clinical Psychologists" underscores our commitment to serving all facets of the medical field with tailored legal solutions. Explore each area to discover how our knowledge and experience can safeguard your medical practice's success.

In the current regulatory environment, healthcare providers face increasing scrutiny from government healthcare programs. Goldberg Law Group provides strategic legal representation in all types of Medicare and Medicaid audits and claim reviews.

Our attorneys are vigorous advocates for physicians in medical staff hearings and appeals. We work hard to protect and preserve the rights of Illinois physicians under the medical staff bylaws and state and federal laws and defend adverse actions that threaten your membership and privileges.

Our healthcare attorneys routinely counsel and advise physicians with issues related to medical staff credentialing and peer review. We identify and safeguard your rights under the medical staff bylaws and applicable laws and make sure your status is presented in the most favorable light.

Goldberg Law Group’s attorneys guide clients through the complex legal and regulatory issues in merger, acquisition, sales, and affiliation transactions involving physician groups, medical practices, and healthcare industry service providers.

We have over 40 years of experience representing Psychologists with IDFPR defense, professional licensing, disciplinary matters, medical staff issues, audits, employment agreements & more. 

Doctor in Uniform
Cannabis Law Practice Areas

From navigating complex Cannabis Law regulations to ensuring compliant Cannabis Staffing Employment, we cover it all. Our expertise extends to areas such as Cannabis Infuser Application & Licensing, Cannabis Transportation Licensing & Applications, and the intricacies of Cannabis Dispensary Licensing & Regulatory Compliance. Additionally, we're here to guide you through the specialized fields of Craft Grow Licensing & Regulatory Compliance and Cultivation Licensing, providing the insights and legal solutions needed for success in this dynamic industry. Explore each section to understand how our knowledge and commitment can drive your cannabis-related endeavors forward.

Drawing upon 40 years of experience in the healthcare field, Goldberg Law Group is uniquely positioned to provide legal advice and representation to the medical cannabis industry, including healthcare providers, dispensaries and cultivation centers.

Issues related to legal staffing for cannabis IL businesses can come in the form of employee/independent contractor classification issues, contract negotiations, harassment and discrimination claims, and more.

Our cannabis lawyers in Illinois can help you navigate the complex process to prepare and submit infuser license applications for cannabis operations in Illinois, as well as help with infuser compliance issues, for both recreational and medical use.

There is little room for error and whether you’re interested in obtaining a transportation license, need help with transportation compliance issues, or you have questions about a new cannabis-related business venture, our experienced attorneys are here to help.

With a limited number of marijuana cultivation licenses issued by the state of Illinois, every detail on your application matters. 

There is little room for error and whether you’re interested in obtaining a dispensary license, a growing operation license or you have questions about a new cannabis-related business venture, our experienced attorneys are here to help.

Corporate & Family Law Practice Areas

From managing Professional Licensing and adeptly handling Third Party Payer Audits to offering expert guidance in Family Law matters, we cover it all. Our services extend to assisting you in Corporate Formation & Organization, as well as skillfully resolving Corporate Disputes, Licensing & Litigation. Explore each section to understand how our dedication to both corporate and family law can provide the strategic legal support you require for success.

Third party payer audits present a significant financial risk for physicians, industry service providers, and medical groups. Our attorneys have years of experience representing physicians and other providers in in audits and claim reviews initiated by commercial payers.


Here's our guide to Aetna audits

Whether you are seeking visitation, custody, divorce, maintenance out of state removal or all of the above, the attorneys at Goldberg Law Group can help with aggressive, effective and cost efficient legal representation.

Healthcare providers who are interested in forming and organizing their own business must adhere to a unique set of laws and regulations. Our attorneys rely upon industry-specific knowledge gained through 40 years of experience to advise physicians, chiropractors and other healthcare service providers through the process of forming and organizing their own business.

The lawyers at Goldberg Law Group provide legal advice and representation in business-to-business disputes and in conflicts that arise amongst individual stakeholders.


Our Office

Goldberg Law Office is your trusted local partner for a wide range of legal services. Situated in the heart of Chicago, our office is easily accessible, providing residents and businesses in the area with a reliable and convenient legal resource.

Our office is located in the heart of Chicago’s central Loop neighborhood and next to the neighborhoods of River North, Streeterville, and Fulton Market. Steps from Union Station and the Ogilvie Transportation Center, we’re also easily accessible from every CTA line in Chicago as well as easy interstate access to I-90 and I-290. Located on the Chicago River, we’re a short walk to the Art Institute of Chicago and the beautiful Millennium Park as well as the shores of Lake Michigan. 


Illinois Office

120 South Riverside Plaza - Suite 1675
Chicago, Illinois 60606


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