Healthcare Merger & Acquisition Transactions in Arizona

The healthcare industry is ever changing. In the last decade, the number of solo and small group practices has declined. This decline is due to a number of factors, including younger providers preferring to join larger practices or groups upon completion of their education and training, the prospect of greater work-life balance, a predictable income stream, and solo and small practices feeling pressure to grow in order to compete with other providers and obtain greater negotiating power with insurers.


The growing administrative burdens created by the government and insurance industry are often difficult for solo and small practice groups to manage or implement. In addition, the level of care coordination demanded in today’s healthcare industry often requires a higher level of organization and more personnel than a solo or small group practice can afford. This has led to solo and small group practices working with healthcare mergers and acquisitions lawyers to discuss various options including merging, selling to larger physician practices, hospitals and healthcare systems buying up solo and small group practices, and an increase in affiliation and joint venture arrangements designed to combine resources, expertise and to save money.

 The Arizona healthcare mergers and acquisitions attorneys at Goldberg Law Group counsel and represent Arizona health care providers in a variety of transactional matters. Our healthcare merger attorneys are adept at handling affiliations, joint ventures, mergers and acquisitions of solo and small group practices. As an experienced healthcare mergers and acquisitions law firm, we strive to balance business and legal issues, while structuring transactions to comply with state and federal licensing and certification requirements, corporate practice of medicine restrictions, Anti-Kickback and Stark laws, and Illinois state law prohibitions against self-referral. Our experienced healthcare transaction attorneys rely upon over 40 years of experience to provide forward-thinking and practical solutions in contract negotiations and structuring healthcare transactions.

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Practice Areas in Arizona

Professional Medical
Staff Discipline

Our attorneys are vigorous advocates for physicians in medical staff hearings and appeals. We work hard to protect and preserve the rights of Illinois and Arizona physicians under the medical staff bylaws and state and federal laws and defend adverse actions that threaten your membership and privileges.

Medicare & Medicaid Audits

In the current regulatory environment, healthcare providers face increasing scrutiny from government healthcare programs. Goldberg Law Group provides strategic legal representation in all types of Medicare and Medicaid audits and claim reviews.

Third Party Payer Audits

Third party payer audits present a significant financial risk for physicians, industry service providers, and medical groups. Our attorneys have years of experience representing physicians and other providers in in audits and claim reviews initiated by commercial payers. 

Healthcare Merger & Acquisition Transactions

Goldberg Law Group’s attorneys guide clients through the complex legal and regulatory issues in merger, acquisition, sales, and affiliation transactions involving physician groups, medical practices, and healthcare industry service providers.

Medical Staff Credentialing & Peer Review

Our healthcare attorneys routinely counsel and advise physicians with issues related to medical staff credentialing and peer review. We identify and safeguard your rights under the medical staff bylaws and applicable laws and make sure your status is presented in the most favorable light.

Corporate Formation & Organization

Healthcare providers who are interested in forming and organizing their own business must adhere to a unique set of laws and regulations. Our attorneys rely upon industry-specific knowledge gained through 40 years of experience to advise physicians, chiropractors and other healthcare service providers through the process of forming and organizing their own business.

Corporate Disputes, Licensing & Litigation

The lawyers at Goldberg Law Group provide legal advice and representation in business-to-business disputes and in conflicts that arise amongst individual stakeholders.

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