Corporate Formation Attorneys In Illinois

The Illinois business formation attorneys at Goldberg Law Group are dedicated to helping small business owners and entrepreneurs achieve their goals. Our experience includes providing advice on:

Formation of new business entities – sole proprietorship, partnerships, Illinois Limited Liability Company, corporations, including medical and professional corporations

Compliance with federal, state and local regulations

Corporate governance and management issues

Drafting and review of corporate bylaws, operating agreements, and partnership agreements

Drafting and review of employment and independent contractor agreements

Professional services agreements

Confidentiality and non-compete agreements

Representing healthcare providers in corporate affairs

Owners and entrepreneurs have many decisions to make regarding how to develop and grow their companies, starting with what type of business entity to choose, which must take into account the services or products your business will offer as well as the financial and legal protections your business will need.
Our attorneys will walk you through the business formation process. As an experienced business formation law firm, we take time to understand the goals of your company and help you choose the right type of entity to meet your needs. After selecting the appropriate entity, our business formation attorneys will draft and file necessary documents and help you obtain the proper registrations and permits. We also assist clients with drafting partnership agreements, shareholder agreements, management contracts, employment contracts and professional services agreements.

Our LLC formation attorneys employ an entrepreneurial approach to achieving the best result for your organization, and our approach to complex legal needs overcomes the daily challenges that arise in a competitive business environment. This team of corporate formation lawyers is dedicated to client satisfaction as well as providing ongoing support to small business owners throughout all stages of starting, developing and expanding their companies.
During your initial consultation at our Goldberg Law Group offices in Chicago, we will discuss every facet of your organization’s legal and business needs, including the management of the organization itself, as well as its contractual relationships and transactional activities.

For more information about Goldberg Law Group’s business law services, contact Jenna E. Milaeger at 312-930-5600 for an initial consultation.

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Practice Areas in Illinois

Medicare & Medicaid Audits

In the current regulatory environment, healthcare providers face increasing scrutiny from government healthcare programs. Goldberg Law Group provides strategic legal representation in all types of Medicare and Medicaid audits and claim reviews.

Third Party Payer Audits

Third party payer audits present a significant financial risk for physicians, industry service providers, and medical groups. Our attorneys have years of experience representing physicians and other providers in in audits and claim reviews initiated by commercial payers.

Family Law

Whether you are seeking visitation, custody, divorce, maintenance out of state removal or all of the above, the attorneys at Goldberg Law Group can help with aggressive, effective and cost efficient legal representation.

Medical Cannabis Law

Drawing upon 40 years of experience in the healthcare field, Goldberg Law Group is uniquely positioned to provide legal advice and representation to the medical cannabis industry, including healthcare providers, dispensaries and cultivation centers.

Professional Medical

Staff Discipline

Our attorneys are vigorous advocates for physicians in medical staff hearings and appeals. We work hard to protect and preserve the rights of Illinois and Arizona physicians under the medical staff bylaws and state and federal laws and defend adverse actions that threaten your membership and privileges.

Medical Staff Credentialing & Peer Review

Our healthcare attorneys routinely counsel and advise physicians with issues related to medical staff credentialing and peer review. We identify and safeguard your rights under the medical staff bylaws and applicable laws and make sure your status is presented in the most favorable light.

Healthcare Merger & Acquisition Transactions

Goldberg Law Group’s attorneys guide clients through the complex legal and regulatory issues in merger, acquisition, sales, and affiliation transactions involving physician groups, medical practices, and healthcare industry service providers.

Corporate Formation & Organization

Healthcare providers who are interested in forming and organizing their own business must adhere to a unique set of laws and regulations. Our attorneys rely upon industry-specific knowledge gained through 40 years of experience to advise physicians, chiropractors and other healthcare service providers through the process of forming and organizing their own business.

Corporate Disputes, Licensing & Litigation

The lawyers at Goldberg Law Group provide legal advice and representation in business-to-business disputes and in conflicts that arise amongst individual stakeholders.

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